Drinks can help you get through a lonely phase in life. A Little indulgence once in awhile is good when the going gets a little rough. Instead of wallowing in self pity, post the session; enjoy the drinks till the heavy head starts bothering you the morning after. A bottle of Ultra Force XXX Rum may help you tide over your relationship woes on a Friday evening, but an entire drinking binge can create a painful hangover!

Here are the easiest ways to prevent a nagging hangover with some steady aftermath cures for certain!

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Eat to your heart’s content

There is a saying that eating to a full stomach can help arrest intoxication woes in drinkers. When people waffle about how dangerous an empty stomach is for a drinking stupor, they are probably right. You should devour an entire meal before drinking and allow the fat on the lines of your stomach to slow the rate of alcohol absorption. You could start off with drinking a pint of milk or olive oil before you go out all guns blazing guzzling a bottle of Pincon Whisky.

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Ingest a lot of water

Drinking alcohol can lead to a stop in the creation of a chemical called vasopressin. This automatically means that the kidney will send water straight to the bladder without retaining it in the body. Drinking booze can lead to the body expelling a lot of water leading to dehydration. This leads to hangover headaches and parched mouths. If you want to wake up feeling nice and fresh, you should drink a glass of water between each drink.

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Stay healthy

It makes good sense to stay active and healthy before you go drinking. Those who have a thing for the bottle should be up for it too. Regular gym routines and exercise can go a long way in easing the entire ordeal post a drinking binge. The fitter your body, the better your coping abilities from a drinking binge.

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Keep the drinks light

Different kinds of alcohol produce different kinds of reactions in individuals. The hangover too, differs at great length. This typically is all about the congeners in the drink you have. These are produced when the drink is fermented. The more the number of congeners, the worse the hangover. So folks, don’t mix your drinks and keep it light.

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Try and keep of the fizz

All of us keep thinking that fizzy drinks help us stay away from getting drunk. This is actually a fallacy. Fizzy drinks speeds up the rate of alcohol that is absorbed by the body. Do not glug a vodka coke mixer rather Pincon Perfect vodka coupled with orange or apple juice is a better choice.

Try the painkillers the morning after

In case the pain gets worse the morning after, you should be careful to pick the right ones. Ibuprofen in a moderate dose will help rid you of the headache. Aspirin relieves you from the nausea but it can cause havoc on a sensitive stomach. So beware!

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Drink isotonic drinks

Drinking Lucozade Powerade and Sport is a good away of replenishing the salts that are thrown out of the body after a drinking spree. In case you are dehydrated in a bad way, it’s safe to take with you a Dioralyte sachet.

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Consume a few Borage capsules

After a heavy drinking splurge, it’s safe to take some Berocca and Rebound capsules, better known as Borage. These help restore balance and health to the body after a hangover.

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Distract yourself from the hangover effects

After getting drunk, you may want to sleep over. The hangover then gets to you in a bad way. It is important to distract yourself and do something enjoyable. This should not be too taxing but a lot more pain relieving.

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Don’t drink the morning coffee

Most people feel drinking coffee is the choicest port-of-call. But it’s a problem you should avoid after a hangover. Coffee causes heart palpitations and horrible sweats. It is a diuretic that dehydrates your body. Avoid it like nothing else!

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Have a long shower

Water can do utmost wonders to your body after a hangover. If you are not getting too late, jump right on with the rubber duck into the bathtub and let the heat on the head and body pass out! A blissful shower too does wonders!

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Sleep as much as possible

One of the best ways to get over a hangover is to sleep as much as possible. Sleep helps your body get back to form and health.

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A little bit of exercise the right way can help

Some gentle exercise with adequate amount of water will be able to boost the endorphin levels and give you a mental kick that will help you tide over fatigue and nausea post a night out drinking.


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