Drinks are a solace for loneliness and heartbreak. But quite a few people face challenges while drinking and are advised against it.

We at Pincon Spirit, have created this list below of 6 situations, when drinking might not be the best choice for you. 

Alcoholism is a problem that runs in families:

If you have a relative that has alcohol problems and has perennially suffered from bouts of alcoholism, you may be at risk of it too. The chance of you developing a habit that destroys your body and immune system is quite high. If you have a history of drinking problems and have had dependencies on addictive substances, you should be thoroughly careful about your drinking decisions.

If you are drinking too much of alcohol:

Many drinkers lose track of the amount they drink. If you are in that league, you should cut back on your drinking and think about when you should drink. In case you have trouble in controlling your drinks, you should contact your healthcare provider for help. Drinking too much in too less time may result in immediate health scares and other social problems. There are many people that drink moderately most of the time and occasionally drink a lot. If you are in such a situation, try and reduce the intake of alcohol as much as possible.

You cannot control your drinking:

Some drinkers are not able to control the way the drink. They often become psychologically and physically dependent of alcohol. In case you suffer from these issues, you should seek consultation with healthcare providers and doctors. In case you are in office, you should seek round the clock counselling and intervention. There are several people who benefit from community treatments and support services. Some others may just require intensive treatment in house.

Do not drink if you are underage:

Most countries have a minimum legal age to purchase and consume alcohol beverages. Underage purchase and consumption is illegal and can damage the person’s physical and overall development. There could be some exceptions such as religious ceremonies and family get-togethers. You need to follow local customs and laws.

When you are starting a family:

Drinking adversely affects both men and women who are trying to conceive children. You should discuss your problems considering starting a family with your healthcare provider. If you drink during pregnancy, the foetus may get adversely affected. There is not agreed limit during pregnancy.

Drinking is not meant for everybody:

Many people choose not to drink for cultural and religious reasons. Some may also have personal reasons. The decision to not drink should always be respected and if you are in risky situations, you should not drink. A bad mood or a bad driving situation does not warrant drinking. If you cannot drink responsibly, you should not drink at all. A bad mood or a health scare is not the best time to drink away in bliss.


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