A mug of beer or a shimmering sparkling drink can be a lifeline on a bad day! You have to enjoy these drinks responsibly to know the benefits of staying in control of your thoughts and action. Enjoy the feeling of release and heightened emotions while you drink.

Here are the top 6 ways in which you can enjoy your Pincon Spirit drinks and also remain in control.

Try and slow down to remain still:

Remember that the rates at which the body absorbs alcohol into the bloodstream and how intoxicated you feel are dependent on how quickly and swiftly you drink. It is not just about the proof of the beverage, but about the way drinks are mixed or consumed rapidly. In simple words, if you drink half a glass of wine in half an hour, you will have the same effect of drinking vodka martini sipped over an hour. The effects of martini though lasts longer and having champagne and a gin tonic may give you the effects faster. In a study carried out by the University of Manchester, England, it was found that drinks with bubbles were fast absorbed into the bloodstream than flat ones.

Drink on the latter half of the day:

Until the mid afternoon, the body builds its food and water reserve. If you have a drink at lunch, it will have a bigger impact than one during dinner. Also, if you drink in a hot climate, the body gets dehydrated easily and sweats profusely with less fluid to dilute the alcohol. This results in getting drunk fast.

Try and eat smart:

Before you start drinking, try and consume something that is high of fat and oil. This will slow the rate of alcohol absorption in the body. You can also eat a handful of spiced nuts and crackers, cheese and small bites. A few olives may also be a great choice!

Drink fluids that are light in colour:

Always remember that a dark drink contains more compounds than a light drink. This can result in feeling a far greater hangover the next day. The red and white wines are made of grapes and the dark colour is due to the prolonged fermentation. Red wine has substances that give headaches to people and barrel aging can have devastating effects on your body. The longer the time of aging of liquor in a barrel or oak, the greater the colour and the darker it becomes.

Do not drink the diet soda:

In a 2006 survey, people who mixed liquor and diet soda absorbed alcohol faster than those who had juice and regular soda as a drink mixer. The calories in a drink act as a buffer to getting drunk.

Women, do not compete with the men while drinking:

Women often do not have the same metabolic system as men to synthesize drinks in a good way. Men have 30 percent more water than women in their systems and that effect the dilution of drinks in the body.


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