Top 12 Common Myths About Alcohol, Busted

Top 12 Common Myths About Alcohol, Busted

Drinks can be fun for a whole lot of reasons and most young and old people alike love drinking till they get a hangover. But you need to throw a whole lot of caution to the wind while you drink. This is crucial for health and to limit negative consequences that drinkers should know about the truth of time honoured rules. Here are 12 myths about drinking busted:

Myth 1: Drinks that are mixed with energy drinks help you get drunk more

The energy drinks don’t actually make you that drunk when mixed with hard drinks. Energy drinks don’t actually enhance the feeling caused by intoxicating Pincon Spirit. They alter the perception of how intoxicated you actually are. Only if you mix diet soda with alcohol, you may feel tizzy and a hangover. The lack of sugar and not caffeine content has an effect.

Myth 2: If you drink beer before liquor, you feel sicker. If you drink liquor before beer, you are clear

The popular belief is that beer is a softer drink and cannot cause drunkenness as shots of Pincon Spirit. You should actually not start with beer to prevent the spins. The fact remains that the amount you drink matters more than the type of drinks you drink. Pacing is the key element in drinking and too much of any type of alcohol is bad for you!

Myth 3: Darker alcohol is healthy and better than lighter coloured alcohol.

While it is true that darker alcohol has more antioxidants, it is quite not true that they prevent hangovers. In fact, most of them contain cogeners or toxic chemical that are created through fermentation. These can worsen hangovers and make you feel sluggish the day after.

Myth 4: Older wine is much better than new wine

Aged wine is perceived to be much more expensive and complex in flavour. This is erroneous and some of these wines should be consumed within a year of production. They do not get better with time and storing some in the cellar for a few years may not render them too good. Wines past the expiration date are not flavourful and impressive!

Myth 5: Dark beer is higher in alcohol than lighter beer

Dark beers just look thicker and are higher in carbohydrates. The blacker brews like ales and spirits can be higher in alcohol but colour is not the sole indicator of alcohol content. The darker shade of beer depends on the kind of grain used and not the alcohol content.

Myth 6: Beer is a workout drink good on recovery days

Beer can rehydrate athletes in certain ways but can cause damage to liver and the pancreas causing oxygen to leave the bloodstream quickly and slows muscle growth and impairs the metabolic capacity of the human body.

Myth 7: Throwing up helps you feel sober and prevents hangovers

Most people feel, throwing up alcohol which hasn’t been digested in the stomach is good for the body and you will not have a hangover then. The fact remains, alcohol starts getting absorbed into the blood stream as soon as it reaches the stomach. Vomiting does not make too much of a difference!

Myth 8: Taking Aspirin before drinking can reduce hangovers

These preventive efforts may reduce a lingering headache, but it may also not pay off in the long run. Taking painkillers before the pain sets in is not very helpful. The headache may persist but the painkillers may erode the stomach lining and cause liver inflammation in cohorts with the alcohol content in the liver.

Myth 9: Eating to your heart’s content will reduce the hangover in drinkers

By the time the food reaches the stomach, the alcohol consumed will have been absorbed into the system already. Greasy food does not help the system in the liver to metabolize alcohol any faster.

Myth 10: Light beer is healthier than dark ones

Light beer needless to say contains fewer calories. They contain lower alcohol content but are not a healthy choice by any means. People drink more of such varieties in the long run and end up getting unhealthy.

Myth 11: Alcohol kills brain cells

The truth is that alcohol impairs thinking and thought processes because it damages dendrites that act as little feelers on neurons that convey electrical messages throughout the body from the brain.

Myth 12: Coffee and a cold shower will ease the effects of intoxication on the mind and body

It is easy to think that a combination of coffee and cold shower sobers people. The fact remains, these only treat symptoms and not the cause of fatigue brought about by drinking too much. The combination of both will not speed up the process off throwing up the bad stuff from the body but only time works in this case!


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6 Ways to Drink Smart : Some Interesting Tips

6 Ways to Drink Smart : Some Interesting Tips

A mug of beer or a shimmering sparkling drink can be a lifeline on a bad day! You have to enjoy these drinks responsibly to know the benefits of staying in control of your thoughts and action. Enjoy the feeling of release and heightened emotions while you drink.

Here are the top 6 ways in which you can enjoy your Pincon Spirit drinks and also remain in control.

Try and slow down to remain still:

Remember that the rates at which the body absorbs alcohol into the bloodstream and how intoxicated you feel are dependent on how quickly and swiftly you drink. It is not just about the proof of the beverage, but about the way drinks are mixed or consumed rapidly. In simple words, if you drink half a glass of wine in half an hour, you will have the same effect of drinking vodka martini sipped over an hour. The effects of martini though lasts longer and having champagne and a gin tonic may give you the effects faster. In a study carried out by the University of Manchester, England, it was found that drinks with bubbles were fast absorbed into the bloodstream than flat ones.

Drink on the latter half of the day:

Until the mid afternoon, the body builds its food and water reserve. If you have a drink at lunch, it will have a bigger impact than one during dinner. Also, if you drink in a hot climate, the body gets dehydrated easily and sweats profusely with less fluid to dilute the alcohol. This results in getting drunk fast.

Try and eat smart:

Before you start drinking, try and consume something that is high of fat and oil. This will slow the rate of alcohol absorption in the body. You can also eat a handful of spiced nuts and crackers, cheese and small bites. A few olives may also be a great choice!

Drink fluids that are light in colour:

Always remember that a dark drink contains more compounds than a light drink. This can result in feeling a far greater hangover the next day. The red and white wines are made of grapes and the dark colour is due to the prolonged fermentation. Red wine has substances that give headaches to people and barrel aging can have devastating effects on your body. The longer the time of aging of liquor in a barrel or oak, the greater the colour and the darker it becomes.

Do not drink the diet soda:

In a 2006 survey, people who mixed liquor and diet soda absorbed alcohol faster than those who had juice and regular soda as a drink mixer. The calories in a drink act as a buffer to getting drunk.

Women, do not compete with the men while drinking:

Women often do not have the same metabolic system as men to synthesize drinks in a good way. Men have 30 percent more water than women in their systems and that effect the dilution of drinks in the body.


Note :   Pincon Spirit Ltd is country spirit Manufacture company having office in Kolkata. Highland Blue, Ultra Force Rum and Bangla No. 1 is the highest selling liquor in West Bengal

When Should You Avoid a Drink?

When Should You Avoid a Drink?

Drinks are a solace for loneliness and heartbreak. But quite a few people face challenges while drinking and are advised against it.

We at Pincon Spirit, have created this list below of 6 situations, when drinking might not be the best choice for you. 

Alcoholism is a problem that runs in families:

If you have a relative that has alcohol problems and has perennially suffered from bouts of alcoholism, you may be at risk of it too. The chance of you developing a habit that destroys your body and immune system is quite high. If you have a history of drinking problems and have had dependencies on addictive substances, you should be thoroughly careful about your drinking decisions.

If you are drinking too much of alcohol:

Many drinkers lose track of the amount they drink. If you are in that league, you should cut back on your drinking and think about when you should drink. In case you have trouble in controlling your drinks, you should contact your healthcare provider for help. Drinking too much in too less time may result in immediate health scares and other social problems. There are many people that drink moderately most of the time and occasionally drink a lot. If you are in such a situation, try and reduce the intake of alcohol as much as possible.

You cannot control your drinking:

Some drinkers are not able to control the way the drink. They often become psychologically and physically dependent of alcohol. In case you suffer from these issues, you should seek consultation with healthcare providers and doctors. In case you are in office, you should seek round the clock counselling and intervention. There are several people who benefit from community treatments and support services. Some others may just require intensive treatment in house.

Do not drink if you are underage:

Most countries have a minimum legal age to purchase and consume alcohol beverages. Underage purchase and consumption is illegal and can damage the person’s physical and overall development. There could be some exceptions such as religious ceremonies and family get-togethers. You need to follow local customs and laws.

When you are starting a family:

Drinking adversely affects both men and women who are trying to conceive children. You should discuss your problems considering starting a family with your healthcare provider. If you drink during pregnancy, the foetus may get adversely affected. There is not agreed limit during pregnancy.

Drinking is not meant for everybody:

Many people choose not to drink for cultural and religious reasons. Some may also have personal reasons. The decision to not drink should always be respected and if you are in risky situations, you should not drink. A bad mood or a bad driving situation does not warrant drinking. If you cannot drink responsibly, you should not drink at all. A bad mood or a health scare is not the best time to drink away in bliss.


Note :   Pincon Spirit Ltd is country spirit Manufacture company having office in Kolkata. Highland Blue, Ultra Force Rum and Bangla No. 1 is the highest selling liquor in West Bengal

13 best hangover cures that work wonders on you!

13 best hangover cures that work wonders on you!

Drinks can help you get through a lonely phase in life. A Little indulgence once in awhile is good when the going gets a little rough. Instead of wallowing in self pity, post the session; enjoy the drinks till the heavy head starts bothering you the morning after. A bottle of Ultra Force XXX Rum may help you tide over your relationship woes on a Friday evening, but an entire drinking binge can create a painful hangover!

Here are the easiest ways to prevent a nagging hangover with some steady aftermath cures for certain!

greasy food

Eat to your heart’s content

There is a saying that eating to a full stomach can help arrest intoxication woes in drinkers. When people waffle about how dangerous an empty stomach is for a drinking stupor, they are probably right. You should devour an entire meal before drinking and allow the fat on the lines of your stomach to slow the rate of alcohol absorption. You could start off with drinking a pint of milk or olive oil before you go out all guns blazing guzzling a bottle of Pincon Whisky.

Image result for drink loads of water

Ingest a lot of water

Drinking alcohol can lead to a stop in the creation of a chemical called vasopressin. This automatically means that the kidney will send water straight to the bladder without retaining it in the body. Drinking booze can lead to the body expelling a lot of water leading to dehydration. This leads to hangover headaches and parched mouths. If you want to wake up feeling nice and fresh, you should drink a glass of water between each drink.

Image result for stay healthy

Stay healthy

It makes good sense to stay active and healthy before you go drinking. Those who have a thing for the bottle should be up for it too. Regular gym routines and exercise can go a long way in easing the entire ordeal post a drinking binge. The fitter your body, the better your coping abilities from a drinking binge.

Image result for Keep the drinks less

Keep the drinks light

Different kinds of alcohol produce different kinds of reactions in individuals. The hangover too, differs at great length. This typically is all about the congeners in the drink you have. These are produced when the drink is fermented. The more the number of congeners, the worse the hangover. So folks, don’t mix your drinks and keep it light.

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Try and keep of the fizz

All of us keep thinking that fizzy drinks help us stay away from getting drunk. This is actually a fallacy. Fizzy drinks speeds up the rate of alcohol that is absorbed by the body. Do not glug a vodka coke mixer rather Pincon Perfect vodka coupled with orange or apple juice is a better choice.

Try the painkillers the morning after

In case the pain gets worse the morning after, you should be careful to pick the right ones. Ibuprofen in a moderate dose will help rid you of the headache. Aspirin relieves you from the nausea but it can cause havoc on a sensitive stomach. So beware!

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Drink isotonic drinks

Drinking Lucozade Powerade and Sport is a good away of replenishing the salts that are thrown out of the body after a drinking spree. In case you are dehydrated in a bad way, it’s safe to take with you a Dioralyte sachet.

Image result for borage capsule

Consume a few Borage capsules

After a heavy drinking splurge, it’s safe to take some Berocca and Rebound capsules, better known as Borage. These help restore balance and health to the body after a hangover.

Image result for headphone sleep

Distract yourself from the hangover effects

After getting drunk, you may want to sleep over. The hangover then gets to you in a bad way. It is important to distract yourself and do something enjoyable. This should not be too taxing but a lot more pain relieving.

Image result for no morning coffee

Don’t drink the morning coffee

Most people feel drinking coffee is the choicest port-of-call. But it’s a problem you should avoid after a hangover. Coffee causes heart palpitations and horrible sweats. It is a diuretic that dehydrates your body. Avoid it like nothing else!

Image result for long shower

Have a long shower

Water can do utmost wonders to your body after a hangover. If you are not getting too late, jump right on with the rubber duck into the bathtub and let the heat on the head and body pass out! A blissful shower too does wonders!

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Sleep as much as possible

One of the best ways to get over a hangover is to sleep as much as possible. Sleep helps your body get back to form and health.

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A little bit of exercise the right way can help

Some gentle exercise with adequate amount of water will be able to boost the endorphin levels and give you a mental kick that will help you tide over fatigue and nausea post a night out drinking.


Note :   Pincon Spirit Ltd is country spirit Manufacture company having office in Kolkata. Highland Blue, Ultra Force Rum and Bangla No. 1 is the highest selling liquor in West Bengal