Pincon Spirit, a flagship company within the PSL Group was set up in 1978. As a premier alcoholic beverage brand in Eastern India, Pincon Spirit is famous for its Indian Made Indian Liquor (IMIL), Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and fast moving consumer goods such as readymade Edible oils of many types.

Pincon Spirit has come a long way in establishing its pan India presence. It has a reputable corporate social responsibility wing that works in cohesion with social entrepreneurs and community builders to forge a comprehensive program of building alcohol consumption awareness among consumers. As a responsible alcohol manufacturer, its CSR policy at Pincon, helps frame issues, define problems and guide policy debates in the alcohol industry. The entire initiative is to guide the consumers who drink alcohol and shift the blame from those who manufacture to those who consume irresponsibly.

Our iconic brands are enjoyed by millions in Eastern India and beyond. We attach topmost priority to raising awareness and integrate social responsibility with the selling of our brands. Our three step effort to Corporate CSR encompasses 3 areas:

combating alcohol misuse

Combating underage drinking and prevention of drunk driving and focussing on education of women to counter the menace of heavy drinking and physical abuse is a key aspect of Pincon’s social responsibility.

responsible marketing and promotion

Thempoweringg of women and a focus on uplifting the skills and education is a part of Pincon’s responsibility

raising consumer awareness

We also believe in sustainable development and help communities focus on plants and sanitation, health and education. These employable skills are lifeblood for communities and folks both in rural and urban areas.

As per the Companies Act 2013, the Company has to set up a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee with representation by a minimum of three Directors of the Board, with at least one of them being an Independent Director. The CSRC is responsible for formulation and approval of the company’s CSR Policy, the activities to be undertaken, and monitoring the CSR Policy and Programs from time to time.

csr committee

The members of the CSR Committee are:

Mr. Monoranjan Roy – Chairman
Mr. Arup Thakur – Member
Mr. Subrata Basu

As a token of appreciation and message to the public, Mr Roy has delivered the following message to the board and its members along with citizens who regularly drink.We wish to deliver a message of moderation so that alcohol consumption remains a pleasurable experience, synonymous with festivities and conviviality. Pincon Spirit strongly believes that economic performance and social responsibility go hand in hand. We support numerous responsible drinking programmes across the country that primarily focuses on preventing drunk-driving and underage drinking along with excessive drinking.


We strongly believe that efforts to reduce the misuse of alcohol are most effective when government, civil society, individuals and families, as well as the industry work together. CSR in an attempt to impact the public health system of the country and is part of our industry-wide wider corporate strategies, aimed to impact many lives. We aim to make a difference to the lives of millions.”