The North American Bengali Conference, popularly known as Bangi Sammelan, will be held at Santa Clara Convention Centre, Santa Clara, Califonia from July 7th to July, 9th, 2017. It is an annual event held in North America to celebrate Bengali Culture, highlight Bengali’s diverse arts and crafts, showcase industry and help build its global profile. It is she largest such gathering outside India, mostly attended by thousands of Non-resident Bengalis from across the globe, with well-known artists distinguished personalities and industrialists, Government and non ­government organizations from all over the world.

US has a very prosperous and affluent Indian diaspora peppered all over and these highly. aspirational NRIs visit India pretty often and they do purchase items bearing Indian tradition and ethnicity. Indian sarees, jewellery etc attract a whole lot of NRIs every year. Indians based out of US do come over to India for high-class, cost-competitive medical treatment.

Apart from participation of distinguished celebrities and North American performers, there will be plenty of networking opportunities, workshops, business forums, social gatherings, reunions, film screenings, literary readings and cultural performance, drama play all dealing with Bengali culture.