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Fortune is one of the most respected business magazines in the world. It is known for its unrivaled access to world’s most influential leaders and decision-makers. Fortune India The Next 500 is the first comprehensive ranking of India’s mid-size companies. Featured on the basis of latest sales and gross revenue figures., this list is published annually.

Pincon Spirit Rank 250 – The Next 500 by Fortune India

Pincon Spirit began its journey starting out in West Bengal with just two IMFL brands—Pincon XXX Rum and Pincon No. 1 Whiskey. The company gradually expanded to have 11 of its own IMFL brands ranging from rum, whiskey, vodka etc and has also made a name in IMIL (country liquor) with brands like Bangla no 1, Bengal Tiger and Udaan and in FMCG market with Pincon Brand edible oil. With a fast expanding market Pincon Spirit Ltd. is soon to become a pan-Indian company. Currently having manufacturing units in eight different regions in West Bengal the company is presently expanding its operation by spreading across Karnataka, Odisha, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and the North East.

The Fortune India Magazine published the list for the Next 500 under heading THE SMALL WONDERS where Pincon Spirit Limited was listed at Rank 250 out of 500 total. This is a big entry for new entry directly to Top 250.

In 2013, Pincon Spirit’s annual turnover crossed Rs 300 crores and it assumed sole distributorship rights in West Bengal over ‘Fashion Vodka’- a premier brand of vodka. In 2015, it invested Rs 400 crores to improve its business operation by setting up new plants and increasing the production capacity of its existing units. In March 2016, Pincon acquired the Singapore based Orbitol Solutions in order to export its products in South East Asian markets. Subsequently in the same year it became of the fastest growing player in the liquor market.

The Fortune India Magazine’s List was also classified sector-wise. THE SECTORAL LIST for India had Pincon Spirit Ranked no 2 in Beer and Alcohol Sector.

Fortune India list for THE OUTPERFORMERS has selected mentions.

The Top Wealth Creator over the last Three years list had Pincon Spirit mentioned with CAGR at 41.60%


Pincon Spirit showed the Highest Revenue Growth over Five Year


Pincon Spirit showed the Highest Operating Profit Growth over Five Year


Pincon Spirit showed the Highest Net Profit Growth over Five Year

Pincon Spirit’s vision for the future is to be a leader within the Indian market and in order to meet this ambitious vision Pincon does not only set high quality standards for its products, it also believes in a very unique corporate policy as well. It sees its employees as assets and customers and suppliers as venture partners.

When it comes to its products, Pincon Spirit has been consistently offering the best variety of Indian as well as premium foreign liquor. The company aims to expand its market further in the field of IMIL by producing much superior alternatives to country liquor.

Pincon Spirit is already a widely known brand in Eastern India and Pincon Edible oil is already a household name. With a promising future and a continually expanding array of products Pincon is set to be leader in the Indian market in the near future.