Drinks can be fun for a whole lot of reasons and most young and old people alike love drinking till they get a hangover. But you need to throw a whole lot of caution to the wind while you drink. This is crucial for health and to limit negative consequences that drinkers should know about the truth of time honoured rules. Here are 12 myths about drinking busted:

Myth 1: Drinks that are mixed with energy drinks help you get drunk more

The energy drinks don’t actually make you that drunk when mixed with hard drinks. Energy drinks don’t actually enhance the feeling caused by intoxicating Pincon Spirit. They alter the perception of how intoxicated you actually are. Only if you mix diet soda with alcohol, you may feel tizzy and a hangover. The lack of sugar and not caffeine content has an effect.

Myth 2: If you drink beer before liquor, you feel sicker. If you drink liquor before beer, you are clear

The popular belief is that beer is a softer drink and cannot cause drunkenness as shots of Pincon Spirit. You should actually not start with beer to prevent the spins. The fact remains that the amount you drink matters more than the type of drinks you drink. Pacing is the key element in drinking and too much of any type of alcohol is bad for you!

Myth 3: Darker alcohol is healthy and better than lighter coloured alcohol.

While it is true that darker alcohol has more antioxidants, it is quite not true that they prevent hangovers. In fact, most of them contain cogeners or toxic chemical that are created through fermentation. These can worsen hangovers and make you feel sluggish the day after.

Myth 4: Older wine is much better than new wine

Aged wine is perceived to be much more expensive and complex in flavour. This is erroneous and some of these wines should be consumed within a year of production. They do not get better with time and storing some in the cellar for a few years may not render them too good. Wines past the expiration date are not flavourful and impressive!

Myth 5: Dark beer is higher in alcohol than lighter beer

Dark beers just look thicker and are higher in carbohydrates. The blacker brews like ales and spirits can be higher in alcohol but colour is not the sole indicator of alcohol content. The darker shade of beer depends on the kind of grain used and not the alcohol content.

Myth 6: Beer is a workout drink good on recovery days

Beer can rehydrate athletes in certain ways but can cause damage to liver and the pancreas causing oxygen to leave the bloodstream quickly and slows muscle growth and impairs the metabolic capacity of the human body.

Myth 7: Throwing up helps you feel sober and prevents hangovers

Most people feel, throwing up alcohol which hasn’t been digested in the stomach is good for the body and you will not have a hangover then. The fact remains, alcohol starts getting absorbed into the blood stream as soon as it reaches the stomach. Vomiting does not make too much of a difference!

Myth 8: Taking Aspirin before drinking can reduce hangovers

These preventive efforts may reduce a lingering headache, but it may also not pay off in the long run. Taking painkillers before the pain sets in is not very helpful. The headache may persist but the painkillers may erode the stomach lining and cause liver inflammation in cohorts with the alcohol content in the liver.

Myth 9: Eating to your heart’s content will reduce the hangover in drinkers

By the time the food reaches the stomach, the alcohol consumed will have been absorbed into the system already. Greasy food does not help the system in the liver to metabolize alcohol any faster.

Myth 10: Light beer is healthier than dark ones

Light beer needless to say contains fewer calories. They contain lower alcohol content but are not a healthy choice by any means. People drink more of such varieties in the long run and end up getting unhealthy.

Myth 11: Alcohol kills brain cells

The truth is that alcohol impairs thinking and thought processes because it damages dendrites that act as little feelers on neurons that convey electrical messages throughout the body from the brain.

Myth 12: Coffee and a cold shower will ease the effects of intoxication on the mind and body

It is easy to think that a combination of coffee and cold shower sobers people. The fact remains, these only treat symptoms and not the cause of fatigue brought about by drinking too much. The combination of both will not speed up the process off throwing up the bad stuff from the body but only time works in this case!


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